Friday, September 4, 2009




This week, (last week of August 2009) on PBS they had a program about Stalag 17. They stated in that year, over 30 million people were killed. The war went on for 5 1/2 years, so it looks like there would have been over 100 million people killed in WW2?

No matter if they are shot, bombed, stabbed, gassed or burnt alive, every one who was murdered by any means is just as dead as any other.

Holocaust.. just for da Jews? Give me a break



The difference in being labeled tyrants or brave heroes, depends if you are the winners or losers in a conflict/war.

Europeans who fled to Palestine, murdered and take the home lands of natives are heroes doing the will of God (as long as they have the mass murder weapons and are winning.

When they were the helpless population being murdered and driven out of their homes in Europe, they were poor little victims.

When the Europeans gave the native Americans blankets with small pox to wipe them out, they were doing God's will, driving out the savages.


In WW2, the politicians got the Germans in a mess they could not get out of. They were surrounded on every side.

The Germans did not have enough supplies for the population and the prisons had starving people. Any one who did get gassed, suffered less than those who starved, froze and/or died of the disease infested camps.

After looking at the track record of all the agreements the US government made with the native Americans, who would be goofy enough to think they would keep the agreement they signed at Geneva?

The USA signed the Geneva Convention agreeing not to torture prisoners. In spite of their agreement they placed prisoners in Guantanamo bay, where they were tortured, over and over, weak after weak, month after month. If the USA did not have the superior murder power, our politicians and prison camps would be found guilty of war crimes.

The reason why Nazis were 'war criminals' and Americans are not, is ONLY because the Nazis lost the war.